A few weeks ago I had the sumptuous pleasure of spending a week in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts for a little rest and relaxation at the Kripalu Center.  Slowing down the pace of ordinary life in order to invest all of my attention in what was around me and within me was deeply healing.   

I didn't take a lot of photos, because I was really focusing on trying to just "be" rather than to be always doing.  But from the very first morning, I awoke to sublime golden light stirring through the curtains.  Looking out the window, I was moved by the quiet beauty of the mountains and lake in the distance, and the intensity of sun shining on the trees near my window.  I picked up my camera and tried to capture something of what it felt to watch this new day full of possibility dawning.  It was this light, more than the scenery it illuminated, that I wanted to find and record.  But, actually, it seems the light found me.

The quality of the light was never the same from one day to the next during my stay.  Sometimes the light was diffuse and cold, yet the beauty of the nature around subtly glowed in understated tones.  The sunsets competed with the sunrises for beauty.  And when that was done, the reflected light of the moon stepped in to fill the void, peeking through a veil of clouds to remind us that the sun is always shining somewhere. 

Live, Love, Learn,

Ruth Ann